Company Profile

Architectural Design of regional office for Equitorial Africa

Bona East & Central Africa Ltd is registered and incorporated in Kenya and headquartered in Nairobi as private Limited company with international exposure dating back to 1950's when tent factory was first set up in Nairobi.

With time it has evolved with changes-for the purpose of giving the most needed wide customer service in the fields of Hospitality tents, Windsocks, Canvas bags, Camping Tents, pick-up tarpaulins as per measurements, canvas products, industrial protective clothing like overalls, polo T-shirts, Dustcoats, safety boots, tea puckers' capes, aprons, and industrial products like all types of bearings and belts. It was a group driven idea by the desire to offer quality and timely service to wide range of customers.

Our Team

The proponents of this idea of manufacturing are true Kenyans who have worked in various departments in Tents industry. They therefore understand the needs of the customers and have wide technical knowledge having been factory trained on various products making.

The company is administered by Board of advisors from specialized fields Apart from the Executive director who is the CEO, the rest are Advisors to the Board because of their vast experiences in various professions.

The company drives the make ups and staff from a well established tent background hence nicknamed the 'fabric group' because of the quality in fabric design and stitching. Bona East & Central Africa ltd draws on a well established tradition of craftsmanship by skillful artisans who undergo a strenuous and lengthy of apprenticeship period.

Our capital base is well maintained hence The firm executes the financial obligations with ease. It is with this strength and background that the firm captures a niche market. Our diversity of end markets and geographies of our customer base we serve has reduced risk exposure to any specific customer grouping, we have continued to introduce new products and enter new markets. We want to maximize the entire clients in our diversification.

The company deals with the following array of products amd much more

  • Industrial Protective clothing .
  • Tent Camping equipments and Accessories
  • Tarpaulins
  • Canvas portable bags
  • Courier Services
  • Consultancy


It has been the Bona East & Central Africa policy as a group since inception that 'we must either make way or find one' by way of this it has been easier and comfortable for the company to continue maintaining the clients because we understand their requirements and systems.

Product Portfolio

The company manufacturers , supplies tents and industrial protective clothing from selected polyester cotton, Drill and Twill fabrics, heavy duty proofed cotton canvas, minimum weight 550gms, shade 35lb51, protective DUDU insect proof netting carefully stitched on the camping tent walls.

Customer Base

Bona East & Central Africa is a truly customer led company. The list of our customers for our products includes, Manufacturing Sector, Service sector, Dairy industry,Public & Private institutions,Non-Govermental org. and Government of Kenya.