Bonarforbo group make up department manufactures a wide range of tarpaulins, land rover and lorry hoods. They are manufactured in any length and finish, the combination of which will be best suited for the application and weather or climatically conditions. All our tarpaulins and canvas products are tailored to customer's specifications from stitching, eyeleting and roping.

Every product manufactured is hand finished ensuring the highest quality workmanship to provide along lasting quality impression. We provide value added products with standard service of make up within agreed period. We Endeavour to help, sort out any difficult arising.

In-house textile product manufacturing has given a full range of customized products that can be used for shelter manufacturer. Due to the design capabilities of the firm we can also customize existing designs to suit customer's specific requirements hence remaining faithful to roots.

The company now gains the benefits of being part of a large textile focused manufacturing group. The company's philosophy is based upon a mix of traditional attributes of a well established firm with dynamic and innovative outlook. The company is not only renowned for its quality products in the region but has also established a global reputation as leading manufacturer and supplier of specialized industrial textiles.

imageOur manufacturing resource is responsible for the make up designs, military tentage system which is completely manufactured in-house. While canvas related products are always developed and manufactured through the use of modeling, cutting and sewing techniques. We have the expertise within the group to manufacture previous model and current.

Our clothing section has full range of customized products that can be used in every sector. In design and hand finish.

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Tents & Canvas


Our capital base is well maintained the firm executes the financial obligations with ease. It is with this strength and background that the firm captures a niche market.

Our diversity of end markets and geographies of customer base we serve has reduced risk exposure to any specific customer grouping, we have continued to introduce new products and enter new markets.

We want to maximize the entire clients in our diversification. The firm engages in consultancy services operating within the east Africa region.