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Our History

Bona East & Central Africa Ltd is family-owned Business, making it independent, long-term oriented and responsible in its actions. What guided the founder of the company still applies today. His General Observations from inception are the inspirations for our current Business Principles, which forms the basis for our Guiding Principles. Every employee is an ambassador for these values and pledges to uphold an internal Code of Conduct, specifying to a practical workplace issues,

The founder envisaged a “leadership founded on approval rather than dictation”; and a turning away from “participation in industrial and management strife compliance, workplace safety, health and environmental protection.

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The Bonarforbo Way

It is our fantastic framework for creating sustainable value. It shows how we link purpose, strategy and culture to drive our business forward so that we can create sustainable value today and into the future for the benefit of our stakeholders.

As a team, our management ensues we have the best and most experienced, homegrown talent in each key role. And when we invest in a new business venture, we doso only with a long-term objective and in the knowledge of portfolio that at some point there will be periods when economic activity shrinks.

Bona East & Central Africa Ltd as a group is the Bonarforbo lifestyle Limited parent company responsible for retail business operations. It implements the sales strategic decisions of Bona East & Central Africa Ltd.

The Management Boards of Bonarforbo lifestyle limited, Akamba courier parcels, Bona East & Central Africa Ltd, Mazuru limited, as well as the management Board of Ronya Brand Enterprises have the same Board membership and are jointly linked.