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We step change in our business capability

We recognize that we need the right people, with the right capabilities to achieve our vision as we continue to focus on developing a winning culture. Improving efficiency is our priority across the business, to enable us focus our resources against the future growth drivers. We are committed to develop a best-in-class supply chain, which will deliver significant cost savings and unlock both revenue and margin growth opportunities.

As a business we believe we have certain capabilities which set us apart from our competitors. We have a broad range of quality product categories, and Brands; we have the ability to serve a wide range of customer outlets and the capability to manufacture a diverse range of products in multiple formats.

  • Canvas Products
  • Tarpaulin Products
  • Mail Bags
  • Strap Wrappers
  • Leather and Rubber Gloves
  • Leather Windsocks
  • Pellentesque Mauris Nunc

We have a unique portfolio of products which are well-loved by the African consumers. In Bonarforbo we put the consumer at the heart of everything we do and use our insights to create innovativenew products that meet consumers’ needs.

We build strong relationships with our customers and suppliers by building joint plans for mutual growth and benefits. We are able to service a full range of customers from the major retailers, Horticulture, wholesale and international markets.
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